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Our Warranty

Clean Cars and Credit 55,000 Mile Powertrain PLUS Warranty and Certified Program is better for customers who have credit issues and are looking for reliable transportation for several reasons:

1) Longer Mileage Coverage: Our warranty is for the length of the loan up to 55,000 miles, which far exceeds any of the warranties other dealerships offer for customers with credit issues.

2) Better Mechanical Coverage: The PLUS in our Powertrain PLUS warranty means just that!  It covers many mechanical components that are not normally covered under your standard powertrain warranty that most dealerships offer.

3) No Third Party: Most dealers sell a third party warranty where if you have any issues and want to file a claim, it can be difficult to get your repair approved because the warranty company wants to deny the claim.  With our warranty, you deal with us! It is in our best interest to get your vehicle repaired quickly and properly so you can make your payments, because no one wants to pay for a vehicle that isn't running!

4) Free Oil Changes: We provide free oil changes and inspections throughout your loan to help you maintain the vehicle in the best condition possible.

5) Towing Assistance:  We will reimburse 50% of the tow up to $100 for any towing expense getting the vehicle to one of our affiliated repair facilities. 

Coverage and details of Clean Cars Certified Warranty:


For the length of the lease term or 55,000 miles (whichever comes first) from the mileage on the odometer at time of delivery.


Each warranty repair is subject to a deductible.  The deductible is equal to 50% of the repair or $200, whichever is less.  $200 is the maximum deductible.

Covered Components

Engine System: All internally lubricated parts; Cylinder Block; Cylinder Head(s); Timing Chain; Timing Gear; Timing Belt; Timing Chain Cover ; Oil Pump; Engine Mounts; Cylinder Barrels; Valve Cover; Oil Pan. Seals and Gaskets of covered parts: Head, Intake, Timing Cover, Valve Cover, and Oil Pan Gaskets. Intake and Exhaust Manifolds; Catalytic Converter.

Transmission System: All internally lubricated parts; Transmission mounts; Transfer Case; high pressure lines; Torque Converter; Transmission case; Sensors related to transmission system; 4X4 system components.

Electrical/Cooling Systems:  Starter; Alternator; Fuel Pump; Water Pump; Thermostat; Fan Blade, Fan Clutch, Fan Motor; A/C Compressor; Radiator; the PCM or main computer module and programmable modules required for drivability.

Drive Axle/Steering Systems: All internally lubricated parts within drive axle housing; Drive Shaft; Drive Lines; Universal Joints; Wheel Bearings; Steering Gear; Power Steering Pump; Rack and Pinion; Electronic Steering Components

Authorized Repair Facilities

All warranty work must be completed by a repair facility contracted with and designated by Clean Cars Finance Company.

Maintenance & Free Oil Changes

The vehicle you are leasing must be serviced and maintained as recommended by the manufacturer.  Oil changes and a multi-point inspection will be provided at no cost to you for every oil change at a repair facility authorized by Clean Cars Finance Company.  If you are unable to make it to the authorized repair facility for the free maintenance, it is your responsibility to keep all maintenance receipts and proof of oil changes.